Better gifts are given together

The easiest way to give joint gifts 

What is a JointGift Card

A JointGift Card is a digital gift card that you can buy with a group of family or friends or by yourself in a matter of minutes. No mutual debts, no hassles and extra fees.

It can be exchanged for one or more gift cards from hundreds of top brands online at any time.

Instead of many unwanted gifts, receive the one that is meaningful and valuable to you.


1. Select JointGift card

Choose a card value from $25 to up to $2000 keeping in mind number of participants and their expected contribution.

Add a stunning greeting card to make your gift unique with personal messages, photos, and videos.

Do you know what your friend loves? Select a brand gift card from the JointGift catalogue.


2. Invite friends, family and collegues

Share the link in a group chat or any other way you like.

The system will split contributions equally unless participants nominate a specific amount


3. Place your order

All invited participants confirm their participation and payment details.

Once all confirmations are received the order will be placed automatically.

Each participant will be debited for their part of the payment.

All done! 
No extra fees. No mutual debts. No hassles.


4. Prepare and send the gift

For security reasons we will send the digital JointGift Card only to the organizer of the order.

Every participant gets their payment confirmation аs well as a link to the virtual joint greeting card (if added). 

Sign the greeting card with personal or group messages, photos or videos. 

Send the JointGift and greeting cards links to the recipient.


5. Spend with hundreds of top brands

Online at any time, convert your JointGift card to a gift card of your choice.

Select from hundreds of top brands. 

Repeat until the money runs out!


How it works

Watch a video

Make your gift unique!

Add to your present a stunning virtual joint greeting card filled with messages, pictures and videos.

We will send the group greeting card link to all order participants.

Everyone can add their message, photo or video to the card.

Check the live demo

Choose your Gift Card:

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