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L’urv is a boutique women’s sportswear label that caters for the unique and active individual. Function and fashion co-exist creating a performance label that is like no other. L’urv’s limited edition designs and contemporary colours will make you standout in the fitness crowd – whether you’re at the gym or on the street. Inspired by nature and colour. L’urv Sportswear inspires vitality, creativity, and positive living. The label is stylish and comfortable, extending yoga, fitness as well as dance to your everyday wardrobe. Work out without losing your cool with directional silhouettes, unique detailing and modern styling. Designed in Melbourne and crafted from superior fabric and quality materials. L’urv is the only Australian boutique fashion label designed specifically for the sports fashionista.

**This eGift Card can only be used online.**


This eGift card can ONLY be used Online

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E-gift card can be redeemed at : https://www.lurv.com.au/

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