The 5th


Add to your present a beautiful virtual joint greeting card filled with messages pics and videos from all gift-givers.
We will send the group greetings card link to all order participants.
Everyone can change the cover, add their message, photo or video to the card.
Add a Virtual Greeting Card
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The 5TH eGift Cards are literally the most timeless Gift Cards you can give to your someone special for their birthday, Christmas, a congratulations gift or to a colleague. The 5TH has it all when it comes to the latest accessories for men and women specialising in watches but also offering sunglasses and a great range of everyday bags.


This is a unique code. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Please visit for returns policy. All products come with a 2-year warranty. The gift card has a 3 year expiry. If you do not spend the full amount, please keep the Gift Card code and redeem remaining amount with your next purchase.

Usage Instruction:

Head to Select the product(s) you wish to purchase. Click on your cart and proceed to check out. To redeem your gift card, enter the unique code in the textbox on the right and click apply. This will apply your gift card credit and will deduct this value from your total sale. Please note: if you do not use your entire gift card, the money will still remain on your gift card for a future purchase. Complete the check out instructions and your purchased will be processed and on it’s way to you shortly.


3 years