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Add to your present a beautiful virtual joint greeting card filled with messages pics and videos from all gift-givers.
We will send the group greetings card link to all order participants.
Everyone can change the cover, add their message, photo or video to the card.
Add a Virtual Greeting Card


Need to buy a gift for that special someone? Let them find the perfect piece with this Ice Jewellery Gift Card. With plenty of brands and thousands of pieces to choose from, they’ll be spoilt with choice. Jewellery can be so symbolic but everyone has their own unique taste, so let them find the jewellery that fits that special occasion and that is so personal to them. Let their jewellery be their stories and their memories.


Please feel free to use your gift card in any way you choose on the Ice Jewellery website. Can be used in conjunction with other offers. If there is an offer running that requires a coupon code, please contact Ice Jewellery on 1300 100 423 or so that they can help you use both the coupon code and the gift voucher.

Usage Instruction:

This gift card can be used online only with a coupon code – this can be applied at check out.


3 years