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A Be Fit Food digital Gift Card is the gift of healthy, fresh cooked meals that are delivered directly to the home or the office.

Give someone you care about the gift of health with a Be Fit Food eGift Card. Be Fit Food’s home-delivered meal programs have been created with the philosophy that food is the first medicine. They use dietary science and real food to create delicious, nutritionally-complete, healthy meals that can help anyone achieve rapid, sustainable weight loss. You don’t need medicine or fad diets to lose weight, you just need to eat yourself better.


Treat this Gift Card like cash. Lost or stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced. Gift Card not redeemable for cash and cannot be refunded. Gift cards have 3 years from the activation date for use Instore or Online. Any credit remaining on the Gift Card after the expiry will become invalid and cannot be refunded or credited.

Usage Instruction:

Show this eGift Card to a staff member instore to redeem your voucher.


1) Go to
2) Add program to your cart.
3) Enter your unique code in the discount code section of your cart.
4) Click apply.


3 years