JointGift Card


A Joint Gift Card is a virtual gift card you can buy with friends or yourself.

The Joint Gift Card at any time turns online into one or more gift cards from hundreds of top brands.

Instead of a lot of useless gifts, it brings one truly desired.

You can buy it with a group of friends in 5 minutes without mutual debts, hassles and extra fees.

Add to your present a beautiful virtual joint greeting card filled with messages pics and videos from all gift-givers.
We will send the group greetings card link to all order participants.
Everyone can change the cover, add their message, photo or video to the card.
Add a Virtual Greeting Card


The Joint Gift Card is the ultimate swap card that turns into one or more gift cards from hundreds of top brands.

It’s the ultimate shopping spree wrapped up in one great gift card!


Simple to swap to any retailer gift card your recipient chooses

1. Open your Joint Gift Card from email or SMS

2. Select a retailer gift card and the amount to swap to that card

3. Repeat until the money runs out!



The Joint Gift card can only be exchanged for individual retailer gift cards online. These individual retailer gift cards can be redeemed in-store or online, dependent on retailer terms and conditions. Please review all applicable retailers’ terms and conditions prior to the purchase of any Gift Card.

Joint Gift Card has a 36-month expiry date for users to exchange to the new Retailer Gift Card of their choice. Once the new Gift Card has been selected new expiry dates will be set and terms and conditions apply to the specific Retailer Gift Card chosen.


Usage Instructions:

This Joint Gift Card is the one card that unlocks many brands!

It can be swapped into multiple retailer cards of your choice until you’ve spent the full amount available.

It’s one gift card that gives every option so you have the right gift, every time.

The Joint Gift Card can be swapped for hundreds of retailers including: